A way to install Target First, is to copy and paste the line of code – provided by email – on the HTML source code of your website:

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »******************** » async defer></script>

This line of code has to be placed on each page of the site where the service has to display Target First.

This line of code is made of javascript language: scripts are loaded in the order they are writen in the source code of the page. So the Target First script may be placed at the bottom of the page source-code, after the other scripts and before the closing body tag </body>.

Example of html code :

<meta http-equiv= »X-UA-Compatible » content= »chrome=1″>
<title>Yout page title</title>
<p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer …</p>
<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//****** » async></script>

If the page already contains javascript errors, or if the behaviour of the website is altered, it is better to place Target First’s line of code at the beginning of the source code, above the header (between <head> tags). Then, the Target First script must be the first script called on the page. In this case, a parameter « install » on the line must be set to « header ».

Warning :

As Target First is made of javascript, the visitor’s browser has to accept javascript. This could be set in the browser options.

As Target First is using third party network, the client network has to allow several ports to ensure the chat communication. The following URL/ports have to be opened (in the client firewall/proxy settings): => UDP 443, TCP 443, TCP 80 => UDP 443, TCP 443, TCP 80 + 3000

The use of the service is optimal for the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

As Target First use cookies on the visitor’s system, they must be enabled. It is your business to inform the visitor about the use of cookie on your website. Depending on the country you live, it may be a legal obligation.