The Target First backoffice allows to set some options to the service (tab color, opening options…) whatever the page is loaded. Thanks to this pseudo-api, it is possible to overwrite those options and/or apply special feature to target pages. To do this, there are several parameters that could be queued in the Target First script line of code. Those parameters apply some functionalities on the page they are set (and only this page).

Some of those parameter are required, and some else are optionnal.

Required parameters:

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//******… »></script>

key: it corresponds to the license key of the site. Please note that this value is unique and valid only for one site and its sub domain « www » if it exists. For example, the 2 main domains that share the same licence key are and,

Optional parameters:

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//****&install=header… »></script>

install: it defines whether if the scirpt is placed in the early source-code of the page. If the script is placed at the beginning of the source code (first script in <head>), the value must be set to « header ».

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//***&install=***&lang=EN… »></script>

lang: defines the default langage of Target First (front and backoffice). The value (case sensitive) could be « FR » for french, « EN » for English, “DE” for german, “ES” for Spanish and “IT” for italian. If this parameter is not set, the default language will be the browser’s one (or default english)

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//***&install=***&timeout=60… »></script>

timeout: defines, in seconds, a delay before loading the service. During this period Target First is not loaded at all, then it does not track the visitor or display the communication tab. The value must be between 0 and 300. At the end of the countdown, if the visitor is still online, the Target First tab appears automatically This option is used if you don’t want the service to appears immediately. Warning: for this page, this parameter overwrite any « opening options » eventually set in your backoffice.

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//***&install=***&protocol=SSL… »></script>

protocol: defines whether the service is used in SSL mode. If the website use a secure protocole, the Target First service will only appear if this parameter is set to « SSL ». You can use this parameter even if your website is not a https one. However if your website is https, you are not forced to use this parameter,

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//***&install=***&hide=interpel… »></script>

hide: defines an opening option on the Target First tab. Thank to this parameter, you can choose not to display the tab on the page or display it only if an agent interpellate the visitor. If the parameter is set to « total » the visitor is tracked but not interpellable (and he cannot chat with an agent): the tab is not loaded on the page but his historic is saved. If the parameter is set to « interpel », the tab is loaded but invisible until an agent write to the visitor (thanks to the chat). Any other value do not change the service opening.

<script type= »text/javascript » src= »//***&install=***&autopen=on… »></script>

autopen: defines if the tab is automatically open on the page: ie there is no need to click on the tab title to display the complete service. If the parameter is set to « on », Target First is fully opened, by default, on the page. The visitor can still hide the tab, at any time, clicking on the tab title.